Beck started 10Square Development in early 2018. Prior to starting 10Square, Beck served as the Vice President-Development for a local boutique developer, where he managed the development and construction process for several multi-million-dollar projects, delivering more than 30 units here in Washington, DC.

Before that, Beck worked for Hensel Phelps Construction Company and Bozzuto Construction Company, where he held numerous field and office positions, including project managing large-scale projects.

The Story Behind the Name

Source: Library of Congress,  District of Columbia

Source: Library of Congress, District of Columbia

People always ask, “What does 10Square mean?”

The name actually pays homage to when George Washington established the original boundaries of D.C. The City of Washington was founded in 1791, with Virginia and Maryland each donating land to form the federal district. For a little more than 50 years, the border of the city was a perfect diamond, before the land south of the Potomac was returned to Virginia in 1846.

The diamond measured an equal 10 miles on each side - 10 miles square - hence 10Square Development.